Dreams → Reality.

Let’s build something together on Starknet!

Games, digital assets, NFTs, money streaming, tokenisation, donations, remittances, payments. Whatever your idea, whatever your background, Hito Studios is your rocket ship to reality.

A Call for Founders

Who we're looking for

What is a founder?

A founder could be anyone. But here are a few possibilities:

Maybe you’re an engineer interested in blockchain, but you’re lacking a specific idea.

Maybe you’re a designer with an idea that gnaws at you, but need engineering support to make it.

Maybe you’re a business person who sees a gigantic opportunity somewhere, but has neither the design nor engineering skills to act.

Either way, we want to hear from you.

What we offer

  • Support ideating, refining, building, designing, hiring, growing, legaling and more.
  • Support finding co-founders.
  • Support with funding.
The team behind Hito Studios is the team behind Argent – the biggest Smart Wallet on Ethereum. All our knowledge, experience and skillset is there to tap.

So let your imagination go, and let’s talk.

Job openings

If you love helping others reach their potential, join us.
If you love seeing the best ideas become reality, join us.
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